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Want To Be Connected?

This week is a crazy week for me.  I have just started to settle back into life after my travels for a week and now we are into a festival called Purim.  This festival is a fun light time where we get together and feast, remembering what happened many years ago.  One of the themes of Purim is friendship and unity.

How many times do we yearn for unity – to be one, not different, the same or similar to an other.  How wonderful would it be for us all to feel and live as one.

We would love connection with someone but often don’t know how to go about it.  We like it when we connect with our parents, friends, relatives, children, partner.  We feel loved and in a safe space.  We feel respect and are open to hearing what others have to opinion or an idea which is not necessarily in line with our own ideas and opinions.

But we are open to hear and listen.  We communicate and feel one.  We feel that unity spreading from inside us to the outside.

HOW??? Oh that leading question.  HOW!!

There used to be a programme on TV that was called HOW.  They used to sit in a pow wow and discuss all sorts of interesting things about how things work.

Hmmm so thankfully we are not in that TV studio.  How (get it!) about this as a suggestion.  Just toy with it, humour me if you will.

Just because someone doesn’t think like me or you does not mean there is something wrong with them or me…or you.  Amazingly simple, but we do not HAVE to think like anyone else.  People can and will have their own thoughts and ideas about things.  They are entitled to their opinion and thoughts.

More than that….we do not know what others are thinking.  We don’t?  Nope, no way.  We would love to think we do and we can even try and guess but we have no real knowing of what someone else is really thinking.  Sometimes they won’t know themselves either.

No one else can think like me.  No one has my thoughts (they’re leave them alone).  I have not the faintest idea what your thoughts are.

That is living in separate realities.  That’s how we live.  We all live in separate realities.  When we see that then we are more able to communicate with others.  We do not push them away because they have different ideas than us.

We become ONE.  We then are able to live in peace and happiness

I hope that feeling of Unity comes into your life more often than not….just recognise that everyone approaches us in their own world, from what they are seeing in their head at the moment.