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Do YOU Compound?

I have a client who told me that she feels that she is missing out on something.  She believes that she might have missed something along the way and now there is no going back.  She told me that she is done for, a has been.  She has lost it all.  She also told me that she spends most of her time worrying about the fact that she has lost out.

Isn’t it interesting that we concern ourselves so much about our lost opportunities.  Then we spend time worrying about the lost opportunity.  In fact we worry about the fact that we missed out and then some. In the meantime we are losing out on more time worrying about worrying.

Does that sound confusing?  It does to me.

I know one thing.   When something looks complicated and confusing, I’m looking with my sunshades on in the Winter.  I can’t see anything.  Yet it’s all in the simplicity of life.

So now let’s look at this confusion…or at least give me a chance.  Sometimes the madness comes out into something meaningful.  Sometimes not.  Let’s test the water.

Is there a point to worrying about the fact that you might have lost an opportunity? Probably not.  In fact lets be daring….um NO there is no point.

Why?  You might ask.  Well if we are just compounding on the whole situation we’re losing even more valuable time.  We could be open to new and different experiences if we are open to see them.  If we are closed and into a stage full on of worrying- there is clearly no space for anything else.

You know, I have been on a wonderful course to help our family become financially free.  One of the things we learnt was about compounding.  When you put away in a ‘savings’ account say 50 whatevers and it earns 10% at the end you get 55 whatevers  (just let me check my calculator lol).  If however each month you pay in 10 whatevers then at the start you have 50 plus 10 % then next month you have 60 plus the 10% from the 50 last month- 5 PLUS 10% for this month = 71.50. Next month you start with 71.50 plus the 10 whatevers for that month and the 10% now = 89.65…wow what growth in such a short time.

In the same way, our thoughts grow when we don’t see the funny side of life.  When we take life soooo seriously and worry about worrying about missing out…we are left with not only a big headache but loads of compounded thoughts.

Just seeing that makes life so simple.  It’s all up to us.  We can increase, compound it all.  On the other hand we might see that the compounding just means we lose even more time.

It’s up to YOU.