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I had a huge shock the other day when I started to grow a beard.  Yes it was beginning to get to the stage where I couldn’t hide it any longer.  Can you imagine!  It was almost as though I was looking down on myself.  I couldn’t believe that something like this could happen to me.

I knew I was getting older, but a beard?  Really?  I was horrified with a tint of anxiousness at what on earth I was going to do about it.  After all, I really didn’t want people to talk about me.

Then I had a brainwave.  I could take a beard trimmer and shave the beard off.  Easy.  A remedy which would sort it all out in a few seconds.  I picked up the razor and started to shave…

But then I started to fall on some water that I had splashed.  I started to fall, I could feel the pain.

And then I woke up with a start.  I was in bed.

I was really worried but it was all a dream, a made up story. Well almost a made up story.  I had indeed fallen a couple of days ago and broken my wrist.  No I don’t have a beard lol look all you want.

The thing is that going through the dream felt really real.  It felt like it was happening.  But it was just thought nothing more nothing less.  Maybe some of it was a left over from something I still had in my head.  Either way, it was just a thought all be it some pretty compelling thoughts that made my dream look real.

Life when we are awake is the same.  We get caught up in a thought storm and it looks soooo compelling sometimes.  It grips us and keeps us a hostage but really it’s all just a story we have made up.  Best bit is that our feelings are really helpful because they are telling us what we are thinking in that moment.

Yup, all the time without exception, our feelings are just telling us what we are thinking.  Just the same as in my dream, which lets face it, we don’t take too seriously once we are awake. Our feelings are telling us what we are thinking in the moment.  They don’t know who I am or where I live just one thing – what I’m thinking in that moment.

We can all wake up from the dream and see it for what it is. We can all see life in all its simplicity and for what it is. Life is a thought filled world that we use to create our realities.  So what shall we create next…… Sleep well.