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Looking In The Mirror

I was reminded today about something my son does regularly.  As you might remember, my youngest two have Down syndrome and I often am enthralled by some of the things they do.  Anyway, we decided to move him to a different bedroom as the one he’s been in has a damp patch on the wall.

The first evening he moaned the whole time as he went up the stairs.  He found one excuse after another to go back to his usual room.  The second day he woke up and moaned a little telling me that he needed to go back to his old room.  I decided just to listen and smile at him and he stopped moaning.

The second evening he complained a little but went to sleep fairly quickly but not before giving me some orders.  You need to paint the room, I need my pyjamas to come up now.  The next morning he woke up and started getting dressed when I came in to the room.  He made sure to close the wardrobe doors and then proceeded to look at himself getting dressed in the mirror.

He had a mirror in his other bedroom but it was on top of a dressing table so he didn’t bother so much.  This one though was long and wide as it’s a door of the wardrobe.  He literally preened himself in front of the mirror, watching his every move and smiling quietly to himself.

It dawned on me that now he was quite happy to be in this room, in fact he wanted it painted so he could stay there.

How often do we as adults take on thoughts and make them so serious that we refuse to let them go.  I was reminded that all too often I hold on to something and refuse to let it go thinking that I have the answer and anything else is wrong.

My son moaned at first but what a lesson it was to see how he moved on and didn’t allow it all to hold him back.  He managed to move on and through all of it with minimum fuss.  I admire how quickly he is able to adjust and get on with his life, just being himself and allowing change whenever it comes his way, to almost wash over him.  I love the way he looked at himself in the mirror this morning, smiling again to himself.  He sees a reflection of himself, who he really is and he likes it

I asked him if he liked seeing himself – ‘Yes Mum’.  At the end of the day, he just shows up and does the best he can.  Wow!  Something to aspire to.