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Scary Clouds

One of the things I noticed on my way home from my trip abroad were the clouds. Now I have written about the clouds before but this was a completely different experience.  This time looking out of the window of the plane coming back home I was taken aback.

I saw not the fluffy cute clouds we sometimes fly through.  They didn’t break up into bits of nothing.  These clouds were as tall as buildings.  They were scary looking clouds. Some had windows and towers going up high. Some were broad and short.  All were heavy looking and looked very robust.

There were people laughing at me.  They weren’t whispery slight people. They were sturdy and very real looking.  They looked at me blankly.  Many were imposing and frightening to look at with odd shaped heads and bodies.

I actually couldn’t take my eyes off them…and then we flew through them.  They didn’t disperse into nothing but were heavy to fly through. The clouds were grey and thick. We bounced around when in them.

We went above them to look down on them.  We went through them and we saw them at their level.  From all angles we saw them, they looked real and menacing and jostled us somewhat.

Isn’t that just how we are sometimes. We believe our thoughts as being serious and menacing.  They have ugly faces, look frightening and real.  We bump around at times when in the eye of them.

The best bit though is that just like the clouds, it can get bit bumpy with our thoughts.  They seem so real and so tricky to navigate. BUT all we need to know is that we can move through them. No matter how real they look, how scary, they will go.  We will all land, sometimes it takes longer than we think or hope, but we go beneath them and they don’t bother us any longer.