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Hi! I’m Sue Lachman

I am a transformational coach helping Mums like you.


I Am So Happy You Are Here.



(In Case you are interested – My name is pronounced Latch Man)

I have transformed hundreds of Mums everyday lives from having little patience and feeling exhausted and stressed to once again find laughter and lightness in their parenting.


If you are ready for a change and want to feel calm and more relaxed then you are in the right place – I can help you.


I am an International speaker, hold workshops, speak at seminars and retreats and train people in a 10 month course in ‘Personal development’. I also do 1:1 work for people who want that extra personal touch.


I speak at workshops with as little as 6 people to seminars of over 100 people as well as retreats for 20 to 30 people.  I have spoken on relationships, business, well-being and parenting to Mums Dads, singles, entrepreneurs people looking for love in their lives, wanting to marry to those wanting to start or get more results in their work and home lives.  People have come to see me with all sorts of addictions from drinking to drugs and internet.  


I have also spoken to children from the age of 9 upwards with the most amazing results.  People that hear me speak say I help them feel calmer just by sitting in the room with me.  They have ‘aha’ moments either then and there or just after they leave.  I have been told that I should be a stand up comedienne that I am funny and that helps them to see life with a lightness and not take life too seriously.


Learn A Bit More:

I trained as a Physical Education teacher, something I wanted to be since I was 5 years old.

Being a PE teacher taught me to be a team player, used to working with others and being supportive as well as supported sometimes.  I taught children aged 11-18 and boy was it fun when they found it too cold to go outside for a games lesson. I have encouraged and cajoled literally hundreds and hundreds of children to come out into the cold and have some fun away from sitting down all day at other lessons. But with time on my hands I helped out with training some of the children who swam for their County and took children to compete in Gymnastics competitions all over the County.  Interesting because they were actually my weaker subjects for me to do myself.

Then I thought I needed to chase qualifications and letters after my name so I did an Open University Degree.  I was also disheartened at not getting a full time job as a teacher and decided to ignore those telling me I was over qualified and that really I was under qualified.  None of the modules looked like they would help me in P.E. so I chose different subject each year.  My B.A. is in a mosaic of different things ranging from psychology to computer science and social sciences.

I got disheartened with teaching and my father gave me a job in a new company he was starting.  I was the secretary come show room assistant come receptionist. Not long after, I transferred to working in his warehouse and worked my way up from making tea and taking phone calls to running a whole department.

Then I left because at 30 I fell in love, married and then fell pregnant with our first child.

I sort of fell into helping parents get what they needed for their children with special educational needs because I ended up two children with Down syndrome. Our only daughter out of four,  and then we adopted a boy with Down syndrome -our fifth child. I spent hours and hours learning to navigate the system that seemed like a mine field.  Then of course others wanted me to do the same for them.  I taught myself to read and understand the Code Of Practice and the Education Act and to represent ourselves at Tribunal (which we won).  I consequently went on to represent hundreds of others at tribunal with amazing results.

We moved Country and now live in Israel.  We left for better education and a better life for our children and in particular the ones with special needs.

I ended up getting burnt out, feel completely exhausted and always so impatient.  Everyone was wrong and although I loved my children I spent more time shouting and getting stressed than living life.

I started searching everywhere to be a better Mum, to change and be calmer but nothing worked.  They might for a day or two but it didn’t last..and then I heard something which changed my life.  It touched my very essence, my soul and since then I have spoken about that moment and it has touched others and their lives have changed too.

I have struggled for years since teaching P.E. with my weight and I had the perfect excuse to get out of helping with the children in the mornings when I went on the treadmill- so I could lose weight of course!  Whilst I walked I listened to my MP3 mainly of Byron Katie and Wayne Dyer.   Someone had told me about them and told me about something called the ‘3 Principles’ or some call it Innate Health.  This idea was that people have had a misunderstanding about how life works and that our thoughts are creating our reality from moment to moment.  I was not sure about any of it but something, the way Wayne Dyer spoke, seemed to resonate somewhere.

One morning after listening to the same audio about a 1000 times, I listened again.  Only this time the most darned thing happened and Wayne (my buddy by now) said something different.  This was about the 10001st time but this time he told me to ‘Let go’ and something dropped…no not my weight…something made sense to me and the old penny dropped.  I came downstairs and felt lighter, felt free of worries and that I could cope with anything.  I kept looking over my shoulder though for the old Sue Lachman but for quite a while she didn’t show up and when she did some of the old corners were rounded.

I decided I had to share what I saw and I immediately went to train with the ‘One Thought Institute’ in London and have since continued learning with other thought leaders in this field.  Over the years I have continued to learn as I never know what I might hear that I didn’t before.

I nearly forgot to say…I’m writing a book at the moment about my life since having my children.  It includes all the ups and downs I went through.  I have at this moment absolutely no idea what it will be called.  I’m up to the second draft at the moment.  If you want to have a look around my laptop you will find many aborted attempts at writing this book, for some reason this time it felt right and within 7 days I had knocked out the first draft with over 50,000 words in just 7 days.