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I found a note on my desk where I sit and create.  The note said “Foily taking invisible things out of his bedroom”.  Strange note but I knew immediately what it meant.

Our youngest son (has Down syndrome) is now 15.  From when he was quite little, when he went to bed he would go around the room and pick something up and throw it. It wasn’t something ‘real’ it was invisible. It wasn’t something tangible, I couldn’t see it.

He would be quite intent on doing that.  It seemed like a ritual but then these ‘things’ were never in the same place.  They were sometimes in his bed, sometimes under the bed.  Many times they were in a corner in the room.

I have no way of knowing what it was that he threw out.  But I have an idea…yup, mad idea coming out….

What if they were all his thoughts that were in his head.  What if he decided to get rid of all the stuff hanging around at the end of the day and throw them out.  Perhaps he was getting rid of the old stale thoughts that he had.  Maybe that was Foily’s idea of saying bye to his thoughts.

Wouldn’t it be great if we did that?  Not actually physically doing it but letting them go. Yes I know, it’s that old cliché.  Let go.  But actually the freedom of them floating away is life changing.

In fact the meaning of letting go is to relinquish one’s grip on someone or something.  The question is why wouldn’t you relinquish your grip on your thoughts?  They are not even real, until you make them your reality.

Just an idea!