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For nearly all my life until fairly recently, I lived in a Country (England) where people drive on the left side of the road.  I looked left and right when I crossed a road.

Which Side Do You Drive?

10 years ago we left England and came to a Country where to me it seems all back to front.  Here we­ drive on the right hand side of the road and so I need to look right and left when I cross the road. What on Earth has this got to do with anything….who even cares!

Well, today I had to collect a letter from the Doctor’s surgery and walked instead of being lazy and driving.  I noticed that no matter how long (and 10 years is no newbie) I STILL look left and right sometimes and then checked myself.   Are my habits so ingrained that I can never change them?

Bottom line is that I realised that I sometimes like everyone else, do things that have become a habit and I sometimes feel almost stuck in that place.  Or at least, that’s how it feels.  Now sometimes when I cross the road I look right and left according to the way it works in this Country where I live now and sometimes I lapse back into my old habits of looking left and right.  However, there is this inbuilt self checking that comes into play and informs me, warns me…hey Sue!  Stop!  You need to look the other way in the other direction, it’s inside of me giving me the heads up when I’m not paying attention.  I sort of ‘come to’ realizing what’s going on and so prevent anything dangerous actually happening.

The simplicity is that we sometimes miss something right under our nose just because we are so busy doing the habitual things in our life.  How about the possibility that a different way might make more sense, that it might be better even?  So when we hear or see something different to our habitual way of life we start to question it, to wonder where the sense is …just because we were used to doing something one way.

All it is though is that maybe just maybe, looking in a different direction is the answer.  Just a suggestion!