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I just love it when my son dresses up.  That is his fun.  He just goes off into the cupboard and picks out a hodgepodge of different clothes.  He doesn’t take hours perfecting it, just throws it all on and comes out to show us.

Bear in mind this is a 15 year old boy/man with Down syndrome.  He loves to act, often copying every moment of a video he has watched.  All the hand motions, all the foot maneuvers.  He has it all synched perfectly. But the dressing up is something else.  Something really worth seeing.

One minute he might put on a scarf around his head and a cloak.  He will sweep into the room smiling and telling us he is someone or other.  His delight though is seeing our faces and then coming back into the room and telling us he’s now himself (without any fancy dress on)

Interesting how he sees things.  He will put on a Lawrence of Arabia hat, a handbag and a blanket wrapped round his shoulders.  He is done.  He is someone else.  Then he’s not.

How many times do we without realising put on a mask or a veil and pretend or even believe that’s who we are.   We cover up thinking that we need to be who or what others think of us.

But who are you deep inside?  Well like my son, you are pure potential with the ability to be who you want to be whenever you want.  In fact you are different from one moment to another.

Just think about it for a second.  One minute you might be angry then next you are happy.  Then later on you might feel nervous.  Gosh we change so many times during the day.  The joys of being a Human Being.

If you have teenagers (or if you know anyone that has) this is perfect for you.  I have an ebook which is a steal and not to be missed.  Good solid reading coming from a Universal Truth of how life really works.  Not a prescription – a description.